Design Doctors runs interactive workshops for home owners, investors and developers. Participants learn how to unlock the hidden wealth in their own or prospective properties to increase their net worth.

Our Property Workshop will open your eyes

  • Learn the How, When and Where of property investment and development.
  • Learn how to attract a Premium Price for your property.
  • Learn how to translate Design into Dollars.
  • Learn how to avoid the common mistakes many investors and developers make.
  • Learn the strategies that we and our clients have used to make 20% to 100%, or more, returns on investment.

Join Our
Introductory 3 Hour Sessions

Understanding your own personal goals and financial capacities is the first step in turning your dreams into reality.

• Includes our complimentary e-book Interior Design for the Home– essential reading for successful interior projects.
• Includes comprehensive Fact sheets for anyone interested in Building, Renovating or Restyling – a “must read” before you start any work or engage anyone to do any work.

Refreshments are provided. Ample car parking is available.

Introductory 3 hour sessions are priced at $99 (including GST).

Brainstorm with a Successful Professional Architectural Team

Property workshop

Strategic Insights into your Investments

Design Doctors workshops carry out strategic operations on YOUR property in a team environment. It is like hiring an architectural team to design YOUR project – AND get market feedback at the same time.

  • The Interactive Design Workshops run over 2 days, one week apart.
  • Small groups are strictly limited (typically 6 to 12 participants) to ensure every participant gets maximum value and their own tailored solutions.



  • Establishing realistic property goals
  • Where is your “hidden” wealth?
  • What to look for – when, where and how
  • How to organise your team….and a LOT more


  • Your property goal template
  • Complimentary e-book “Interior Design for the Home”
  • Access to trade discounts*
    (conditions apply)
  • Mentoring – available upon request
  • Pre-approved contacts list
  • Follow up



  • What is good design?
  • How to achieve a premium price
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Property development essentials…and LOTS more

Interactive sessions: all or any of the following

  • “Real life” examples analysed and discussed
  • Design ‘crit’ of any properties submitted by you for review – yours or someone else’s
  • Participants who submit their own properties can have them analysed in more detail
  • Participants obtain a ‘prescription’ for further action – buy, hold, renovate, extend, develop, sell, subdivide, amalgamate, reconfigure, etc.


  • Plans, notes and fact sheets
  • Design ideas from the analysed properties
  • Participants who submit properties can receive an action plan
  • Pre-approved consultants contact list
  • Follow-up is available upon request
  • Additional property development mentoring (optional)

Disclaimer: The topics noted for the workshops are indicative and provided as a general guide only – actual content may vary depending upon the needs of the group.

Interactive Property Workshops

(advance bookings are essential)

Course costs may vary depending upon location.

Mentoring Services are also available.

Property mentoring is available separately on a selective basis in very small groups or individually for personalised advice and longer duration on an as-needs basis.