The principals at Design Doctors are property investors in their own right, having owned and/or developed numerous residential, commercial and retail properties.

Design Doctors mentor clients in researching and investigating development and/or re-development options, coordinating the design and development approvals as well as managing the tendering process. Assistance with finance submissions, the timing of bringing to market and the production of marketing collateral is also available.

Success entails learning…

and having a good Mentor to guide you

Looking for good PROPERTY EDUCATION? Find a MENTOR who has the following attributes:

  • Truly useful mentors are WILLING TO SHARE the path to their achievements.
  • Admit they have made MISTAKES – and learnt from them.
  • Have a solid TRACK RECORD.
  • Possess a strong SKILL SET.
  • Are genuinely TRUSTWORTHY
  • Can provide TESTIMONIALS
  • Have YOUR best interests at heart
  • Are readily AVAILABLE to assist you
  • Are TEACHERS; not just course deliverers

Risk Mitigation

The property industry in Australia has made more millionaires than any other industry. It has also produced some spectacular failures.

Think of buying a property investment as you would in buying a precious stone, a piece of art or an antique. Unless you have had appropriate training in the asset you are buying, you could be sold a worthless piece of glass or a fake. This principle applies in property also, as there are many variables. You would be wise to hire a valuer or an experienced adviser to guide you in the asset you are purchasing.

Think of property development like composing a masterpiece and conducting a band or orchestra to perform it. It has to be masterful in its conception to start with. Then, unless you know who plays when and how, your conducting will create a cacophony. Worse still, no one will pay for your efforts and you may be driven out of town!

With an experienced guide or mentor, you stand a much better chance of success.

Whether you are investing, improving your own property or undertaking a property development, consider an initial chat with Design Doctors. It’s free.

Interactive Property Workshops

(advance bookings are essential)

Course costs may vary depending upon location.

Mentoring Services for Individuals or Small Groups

Property development mentoring is suited to very small groups or individuals who want personalised advice and longer durations.