How We Work

Before commencing a design or identifying potential improvements, a detailed review is undertaken. Defining and agreeing a brief is an important part of the process and should not be rushed. There are up to 7 steps involved in a detailed review. Subsequent stages may include partial or full services through to completion and hand-over.Fees vary with the size and complexity of the work involved.

We are able to offer or arrange a PRE-PURCHASE and/or PROPERTY SEARCH service to find and negotiate the purchase of a property that fits a client’s brief, saving the client time and money. Our principals, as investors and developers, have bought, developed and owned several hundred properties themselves.

To be successful, a property strategy, investment or property development project must be market-relevant. Research is required. Relevant information must be gathered. Potential pitfalls should be considered and an exit strategy identified. A risk analysis and initial feasibility study may be carried out at this stage. Research into finance options may be included.

Prudent property selection and analysis – be it buying an existing building, part of a building or a bare site – is often where money is made. Poor purchasing choices can be difficult to overcome. Design Doctors can assist you to reduce your property purchasing risks. If you are looking for a property to buy, talk to us first for an independent opinion. Ultimately however, your decisions are your own. We are not financial advisors, have no vested interest, do not sell properties – we simply want you to be successful.

We review the planning and design aspects of your property or project. Our aim is to minimise critical design mistakes. We may suggest alternative design options to save you cost and/or to make improvements that will return a premium.

There is no substitute for good design. Design mistakes are costly and often cannot be undone once built.

The choice of construction method and materials can significantly influence the cost and duration of a project. We aim to identify and recommend construction methods and/or materials with a view to saving money and time.

Construction costs form a major cost item. Design, materials and methodologies play signicant roles.

Design Doctors regularly monitors innovations.

The choice of structural system has a bearing on cost, as well as time to complete. We review your proposed structural system and make recommendations where costs may be trimmed or alternative designs considered. We aim to make sensible recommendations that take into account your objectives in the project, utilising our access to experience, knowledge and industry contacts.

An economical structural system that is easy and quick to build and appropriate to the location, or resources available, can mean significant savings. Expensive structural solutions invariably do not add to the value of a building in any way, while hurting your budget.

Design changes can simplify code compliance requirements, thereby generating savings.

A certification check can be carried out to identify potential savings.

Compliance requirements for buildings involving national codes, standards and local regulations continue to become more complex. Strategic changes in design can result in significant savings through eliminating costly regulatory compliance requirements.​​

If required, we can assist with preparing finance submissions and sourcing equity and/or debt.
Our team can design and coordinate the production of marketing collateral, identify suitable selling strategies and manage the selling process.
Participants learn how to unlock the hidden wealth in their own properties to increase their net worth and learn about the importance of good design.
A valuable mentor has experience, depth of knowledge, a desire to pass on what they know and a deep sense of responsibility. A good mentor is reliable and trustworthy.