Design is about problem-solving.

Architecture is primarily about problem-solving. The immediate and tangible problems of site and environmental constraints, planning and building regulations, client aspirations, budgetary constraints and the use of appropriate construction methods, to name a few. Any of these challenges can pose significant problems, not easily overcome. However, there is more to architecture than this.

Great design is about complex problem-solving involving thinking on many levels.

Great design does not have to be great in size. It can be small, medium or large. Size is not the determining factor when it comes to great design. As once said of the famous car designer, the late Sergio Pininfarina, he knew that design has the capacity to ‘inspire, captivate and seduce’. Indeed this is true of great design in any field.

At Design Doctors, we use the term ‘design pays dividends’. Some people may think this means dividends in the monetary sense. That can be true. However, it is only part of the story. Design pays dividends in far greater measure – socially, historically, experientially, spiritually, ontologically, perhaps, and on almost any measure one cares to think of. It can lead one into a world of self-discovery. Mentoring by Design Doctors can do that – design challenges arise that bring out hidden talents and aspects in participants that they did not know existed.

To be inspired when it comes to Architecture and design, watch the short video by Ryan Siemers, ‘What is Architecture?’ Beautiful words.