Design trends imageAbraham Maslow asserted that we are all on a search for personal identity. A treasure hunt. We seek to validate, ‘find’ and project ourselves by what we wear, how we look, do our hair or deal with the lack thereof, the design trends we follow, where we live and the design of the things we surround ourselves with.

Why buy an expensive, new car when a cheap, old one will get us from A to B in sufficient comfort and safety? Why live in a nice, tidy home surrounded by things that mean something to us when all that time cleaning and maintaining could be spent doing the things we love to do? Why follow trends when it is so much cheaper to stay with the same clothes and furnishings we have had for decades?

The answer is ’emotional’. Like it or not, our emotions drive us. We like to be liked and accepted. Most of us prefer being considered up-to-date by following current design trends rather than ‘daggy’ or ‘boring’. We find joy in many different experiences. Design plays a part in many of them: nice clothes, jewellery, decor, even in the presentation of food. Of course, a small proportion of us are beyond caring about these things. Those in that category are consumers of necessities. They find their joy elsewhere. Some call themselves ‘original’ in doing so.

When it comes to deciding whether to be original or follow prevailing design trends, not many are brave enough to buck ‘the trend’.

Interestingly, most people get a buzz out of new things, as well as enjoying treasured old ones. We project our personalities into what we do, how we speak, move, smile (or scowl) and how we design our environment. Our tastes are often driven, consciously and subconsciously, by what we have known and are familiar with. There is the matter of the zeitgeist. Sometimes, it is nigh impossible not to be swept along with the mood of our times. Originality can come at a price. The ‘market’ for originals narrows as only brave souls dare to be different. And only brave souls will buy something different. Long may they live! For without these brave souls, we would all be stuck in the same conservative mindset and nothing new would ever evolve. All our ‘creatives’ would simply be creating variations on the same theme. For more on this subject, see: Property Education – what is Architecture?

Design trends – to do or not to do, that is the question.

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