The challenge for designers is to create designs that are not prohibitively expensive to make or build.

Design today is more exciting than ever. Inspiring and uplifting. There is joy and delight a-plenty in the images shown in the video on “Parametric Architecture”.

The clever creator is constantly challenged, especially where financial constraints place a limit on what can be done.

Readers are invited to take a few minutes to view the video and imagine themselves personally experiencing the structures that are portrayed. (Oh, and if the music soundtrack starts wearing thin, you can mute it).

While the video highlights larger creations, the design principles that inhabit those structures can often be applied on a smaller scale too. Simply by viewing the images, creativity can be enhanced and new ideas allowed to form. Unshackle your own ideas; allow yourself some freedom; liberate your mind from conventional patterns of design thinking. Evolution and progress depend on the interplay of discovery and rediscovery. Allow yourself some room to explore creative possibilities and freedom – even if only in your mind’s eye. You will be pleasantly rewarded.

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